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Virtual Tour

  • We have a large play area that is split into three sections.
  • Our blacktop is perfect for bikes, water table, bouncy balls, sidewalk chalk, and bubbles.

  • On our bark we have several clubhouses and basketball hoops.
  • Then in the back of the yard under a tree is a built in sandbox full of trucks and shovels.
  • We also love to get out our parachute and obstacle course.

  • Literacy is our main focus. We are always building our library.
  • Students can check out book and utilize our massive selection.
  • We also have carpet time in here. Students learn about calendar concepts, sing songs and read books.

  • Students also have computer time each day during centers.

  • We have a large art center where children can create different projects from painting to cutting and gluing.

  • This is our main classroom where students eat and participate in center time.
  • Centers work on different concepts from playing Legos, to math manipulatives to listening to books on tape.
  • During this time students meet with Ms. Balsam and participate in a one on one lesson at their pace based on what they need to learn.
  • All children are taught their basic academic one on one, for example: vocabulary, colors, shapes, numbers, and handwriting.
  • Reading is taught by Mrs. Martin in the library during centers.

  • Our playroom has a lot of fun options from dress-up to kitchen to blocks and cars. They have two toy boxes and LOTS of FUN!!