Think Tank


Martin School Think Tank!

A Homeschool Enrichment Day Camp

We offer half-day or full-day camps for children grades K-8.

Mission Statement

Think Tank is a multi-age, homeschool enrichment day camp whose mission is to provide high-quality instruction in a variety of subjects and challenge and encourage the learning environment of homeschooled children in the community.


Martin School of Early Education was founded with the goal of creating a learning environment that meets the needs of all children as they develop, grow, and gain knowledge, accommodating each child’s personal needs and pace.  Over the years I have seen my students thrive at the Martin School of Early Education, Inc. only to watch those who matriculated into public schools decline in their academic performance and withdraw from their love of learning.  With more than fifteen years teaching preschool and elementary students, I have always believed in teaching the individual child, not the classroom and so, along with other former public school parents, we have created a fun, multiple subject camp where home schooled children can come and learn, interact with their peers and be challenged in subjects that may not always be readily available at home.  We offer a variety of course options and always want to hear from our parents about ways that we can best support the homeschooling community!