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“A wonderful Preschool with caring, thoughtful, and lovely teachers.  My two sons have attended the Martin School  for four months as of April, 2014.  My oldest son started reading at age 3 and Martin has supported, encouraged, and developed his reading skills immensely – so much so, that he is now reading at a 2nd grade level before age 4.

Besides the wonderful educational aspect of the Martin School, the teachers (Kelsey, Brittany, Balsam, and Nicole) really love my kids.  They are soft spoken, supportive, caring, and always have a kind word to say, regardless of the type of day a child has.

It is so hard to leave your children in the care of others, but it’s made much easier when you fully trust the people you leave them with.”

Keely B.

“We love the Martin School. Our daughter has been very happy there. The teachers really care about the students and the small ratio in terms of an early education program is tops.”

Rana S.

“We have our second kiddo in the Martin School so we have known The Martins for over seven years now.  Mrs. Martin and her three assistant teachers have an amazing preschool with a phonics-based early/prereading program for the kids in attendance.  Twenty kids and four teachers is a ratio you can’t find anywhere in Denver.  Add that in with their good food, high quality learning centers, and transitions that prepare kids to move seamlessly into kindergarten and she has an excellent program.  Happy kids and smart kids (she has a near 100% acceptance to advanced kindergarten for kids who apply) housed squarely in an “every child’s success stories are celebrated” inclusive attitude.  The school is located in a West Wash Park home and we like that for when our kids are small.  Plenty of time for industrial lighting and green paint later on in the education trajectory.

They potty train in a no stress way and take kids from age 2.5-kindergarten.  The Martins have two boys of their own so she runs her preschool as an educator and as a mother, a perspective not every school has the benefit of holding.

The place is kid friendly so it’s not for the sterile minded.  The kids are allowed to be kids and encouraged to succeed – no rushing so there is plenty of time to put on one’s own shoes or put away one’s own toys.  She builds confidence, she builds a strong reading base and she creates an environment I feel confident my kids have and will continue to thrive in.

Yep,  I’m a fan.”

Kimberly C.