Getting Started

How it Works:

Think Tank is structured around an a la carte menu.  You can register for a half-day, a full-day or any combination of days that work for you and your family.  Sign up for a day, a week or a month and feel free to come and go as your schedule allows.  There are no contracts/minimum attendance requirements for participants and many classes offer an ongoing enrollment option so that if you know you are traveling or need a sick day, there are plenty of opportunities for flexibility in scheduling. 

The pricing for classes is also on the same structure and varies based on the course offered.  There are no additional course materials fees.  Any class that needs materials will have the cost of the materials included in the class price.  The only exception would be if a class needs a specific uniform, like a martial arts gi.  That specific uniform would be for the family to procure prior to attending the class.  Current prices can be found on the Calendar and Pricing page. 

How to Register:
1.Select the class or classes you would like to enroll in.
2.Send an email to that includes:
•Parent/Student Name
•Address & Phone
•Class or Classes you are selecting (including days and times of the class).

Steps for payment through or Square Cash:
1.Go to
2.Go to Products and Services, then online banking, then Chase Quickpay.
3.Select Quickpay option.
4.Click the green button – Enroll Now.
5.Under Log In, go to – Not a Chase Customer, Sign up now.
6.Enter in account information
7.Use the email:
8.In memo section, enter class code and parents last name.
9.Send Payment.

All students, full and half-day attendees, are invited to attend the lunch hour.  Students need to bring their own lunch (please no soda or food requiring a microwave).  The supervised lunch hour includes meal time and outside play time, weather permitting.  There are large indoor play spaces on days with inclement weather but every effort will be made to get the kids fresh air and outdoor time so please send your kid(s) to Think Tank with the appropriate outdoor gear:  coat, snow boots, hat and gloves, raincoat, etc.

Drop-in Days
Some classes offer drop-in days because we know how easy it is for a plan to go sideways.  There are usually one or two options for drop-in spaces (some classes cannot accommodate a drop-in student) and you can call as early as 7:45am on the day you are looking for a drop-in space to reserve a space.