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Our focused curriculum is a balanced program designed to give students a variety of exposure in all areas. We have adopted a balanced literacy program that will promote life long readers and learners. Students will learn through a variety of methods including play, hands-on, observation, etc.

Viagra priligy online purchase, Can you buy priligy in australia

Concepts about Print, Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Decoding,
and Comprehension Skills.


Penmanship, Organization and Focus, Sentence Structure, Spelling.


Strategies, Comprehension, Speaking Applications.


Number Sense, Sorting and Identifying, Measurement, Patterns, Shapes, Color
and Size, Probability, Mathematical Reasoning, Calendar.

Social Studies:

Differences Between Now and Long Ago, Being a Good Citizen, State and National Symbols,
Community, Locations, Historical Figures.


Physical Sciences- Solid, Liquid, and Gas. Life Sciences- Plants.
Earth Sciences- Land, Air and Water. Investigate and Experiment- Five Senses,
Properties and Position.

Perceptual Motors:

Body Exercise, Physical Education, Fine Motor Exercise.

Character Counts:

6 Pillars- Responsibility, Citizenship, Fairness, Caring, Respect and

Visual and Performing Arts:

Music, Dance, Art Projects and Dramatic and Theatre Play.

Technology and Nutrition:

Educational Computer Programs, Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks Designed
by Licensed Health Physician.

Social Skills:

Manner and Behavior at Home and in Public.

Foreign Language:

Spanish and American Sign Language.