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Class Descriptions

Buy priligy paypal - Where to buy priligy in the philippines

Buy priligy paypal - Where to buy priligy in the philippines

A fun, full-day option for young learners, Think Tank Junior is a great program! Each day is a different theme so no preparation needed – just come play and learn. The theme of the week will include, throughout the day, a stacked learning unit including literacy and phonics, math, early science concepts, art, music and movement.

An example of Think Tank Junior: Bee day! Read fiction stories about bees, see the inner workings of a hive, explore the sticky mess of a honeycomb, discover the geometry of the hive, bee math and learn the dance of the bees (where students can only communicate via the known dance language of the bees – one of our favorite parts of the day!)

*Think Tank Junior is always available for single day registry and often can accommodate drop-in students.

Half-Day Courses

Independent Thinkers – for grades 2-8

Independent Thinkers is a great way for kids to work on their own skills in an environment with readily available teacher support. The class is offered as a stand-alone, half-day option or can be paired with another class to make a full day of Think Tank. Kids will work on their own projects/subjects that they bring in from home for the first hour then, after a snack and play break, can continue working independently or may join their classmates for interactive, strategic games (chess, checkers, Risk, card games, etc.).

There will be teachers in the room to help students at any time with their work. We also have wireless, high-speed internet to assist in the learning process. The Independent Thinkers instructors will be offering strategic game clinics during the second hour for students who want to hone their skills at chess and other games.

A sample day: Abigail brings in her logic problems and her Egypt project to work on for the day. In Abigail’s backpack, she brings from home her logic problems book, a book on Egyptian mythology and her iPad. While researching and comparing Egyptian and Greek mythology, she calls on the teacher to help her understand the differences she is discovering during her online research. After break, Abigail chooses to join her classmates for the chess strategies session and then plays a game of chess with a classmate, pointing out to the teacher when she is able to employ a new strategy.

*Independent Thinkers is always available for single day registry and often can accommodate drop-in students.

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Financial Literacy and Preparing for the Workforce – for grades 6-8

These are some of the most important skills for a successful and independent life, yet very few schools teach it. This class will teach personal finance concepts such as budgeting, needs vs wants, save vs spend, basic economic principles, and an introduction to the stock market.

After completing the class, students will have a good understanding of how to budget for life’s expenses, the importance of saving vs spending, and the volatility but necessity of the stock market. Additionally, we will prepare your children for the workforce through developing a resume and teaching interview skills/techniques.

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Instructed By: buy priligy 60mg

Intro to Debate – for grades 5-8

A fun class that engages students’ to actively engage in rich discussions amongst their peers. Debate provides school-aged children with many lifelong skills. Why debate?

Debaters develop:

  • the ability to make prompt, analytical responses
  • excellent listening skills (they learn that they must know their opponent’s arguments as well as their own)
  • analyze information as they hear it
  • develop proficiency in writing through debate preparation
  • an appreciation for the value of suspending judgment until both sides are scrutinized
  • develop courage, confidence and a strong voice

And debate is fun! Working through potentially high conflict scenarios in a fun, relaxed, safe classroom environment helps students stay relaxed and ready when conflict finds them elsewhere in their lives.

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Instructed By: buy priligy usa

Dance/Pilates – for grades 2-8

This class teaches physical fitness through the practice of ballet, modern dance, and Pilates techniques. We explore the history of dance and Pilates methodologies as well as the anatomical effects through kinesiology.

Kids play and move in this class so exercise clothing and appropriate footwear are essential: well-fitting sneakers only (in the event of rain or snow, bring your sneakers to change into once you arrive inside).

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Instructed By: buy priligy 60mg

Fun Fitness – for grades 2-5

A fitness class geared for elementary kids, Fun Fitness offers a combination of active play and sports conditioning in addition to a foundational knowledge of food, nutrition, physiology and fitness. Participants will learn skills that will improve hand-eye coordination, balance, aerobic capacity, and body awareness while building confidence, independence and resiliency.

Kids play and move in this class so exercise clothing and appropriate footwear are essential: well-fitting sneakers only (in the event of rain or snow, bring your sneakers to change into once you arrive inside).

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Instructed By: viagra priligy online purchase

Young Warriors – for grades 5-8

A fitness class geared towards middle-school aged students, Young Warriors offers a combination of sports conditions in the areas of strength, balance, endurance and core stability with a focus on the science of strength. Participants will learn sports and exercise physiology, how to calculate target heart rates, anaerobic vs. aerobic conditioning, the importance and components of nutrition, proper training techniques and exercise safety, all while building confidence, independence and resiliency. A variety of sports will be covered including an age-appropriate sampling from CrossFit, obstacle course training, strength training, yoga, Pilates, endurance activities, BOSU balance training, weighted ball training, etc.

Students play and move in this class so exercise clothing and appropriate footwear are essential: well-fitting sneakers only (in the event of rain or snow, bring your sneakers to change into once you arrive inside).

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Instructed By: viagra priligy online purchase

Photo Fun – for grades 2-5

This class brings photography and kids together for a whole lot of fun……. The focus is FUN!  Students will create, explore and have a great time with activities that will bring out the budding photographer in each child.

Photography is a wonderful form of creativity that inspires kids to explore imagination. While they’re having fun, they won’t realize they’re also developing critical thinking, planning and follow-through skills. They’ll be building confidence and taking pride in their new skills including
•Camera basics
•Different settings-fun portraits, my pet, a little closer, “action”, lovely landscapes and more
•Digital vs. paper scrapbooking

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Instructed By: priligy purchase uk

Aikido – for grades 2-8

An ongoing class offered at the Think Tank!  Edgar’s dojo, Denver Aikido/Denver Aikikai supports and cultivates martial exploration and he is bringing his open and inviting instruction style to Think Tank participants. All students are encouraged to find a way through techniques so the movements work for their individual body and all levels of training are welcome.  We train in white gis but students new to martial arts training can take their first classes in sweats.

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Instructed By: buy cheap priligy uk

Voice and Performance Workshop – for grades 4-8

Participants will learn all about singing from the basics of vocal technique through development of perfecting pitch, control and breathing.  Students who study voice and have the opportunity to perform in front of their peers obtain the skills needed to become poised, confident PERFORMERS.  This class delivers a full vocal education in a FUN, UPBEAT musical setting!

We will also have the occasional performance class where parents and friends can come cheer on students.  Through the development of a performance class, participants gain the invaluable lessons of delivering a finished product, singing in front of an audience, working together as a team and all production decision making aspects of putting together a show.

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Instructed By: buy cheap priligy

Artist’s Workshop – for grades 2-6

This ongoing art class will have a different focus each week.  Ever wanted to illustrate your own story?  Paint like Van Gogh?  Learn art techniques like shading, highlighting, or creating three dimensional pictures on a flat page?  This is an all-encompassing class designed for novice to advanced art students. Participants will learn a multitude of art techniques, vocabulary and about important artists throughout history and today.  

Students are encouraged to wear clothing appropriate for painting or bring a smock/apron.

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Instructed By: cheap viagra with priligy

Spanish – for grades 2-5

¡Hola! Maestra Carrie Aron will be offering Spanish language and culture. Her course will focus on teaching the children Spanish through the 4 components of language acquisition (speaking, listening, reading and writing). Students will have fun learning Spanish through songs, games and stories. The class will also offer a cultural component where children will cook food, do art projects and study the culture typical to Spanish-speaking countries.

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Instructed By: priligy generic cheap

Illustrator’s Workshop – for grades 2-6

Ever wanted to illustrate your own story?  Learn how from an illustrator!  In this workshop we will examine different books and the many different illustration styles artists use to bring stories to life.  Participants will learn about the importance of visual communication to enhance the written word. Students will listen to stories audibly, then interpret the story visually to learn about the difference between authors and illustrators, book covers, and how the pages make a spread. 

Students are encouraged to bring their favorite illustrated book to class for a “show and share”.

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Instructed By: cheap viagra with priligy

Adam’s Oceans Classrooms – for grades 6+

What will the students do?

•Engage in an ongoing class – called the Oceans Classroom (flipped classroom approach)
•We will meet in class to have labs, lecture, discussions and homework
•Optional participation in an open water scuba diving class that is geared toward youth at Denver Divers.  Dates: TBA

This class is offered for older students who are looking to explore the underwater world.  Geared for the advanced learner, expect to participate in engaging laboratory experiments, enriching discussions about the science of the seas and explore the oceans in a flipped classroom approach.

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Introductory Physics / Physics Classroom – for grades 6+

Come learn introductory physics including hands-on laboratory experiments.  Students should expect to do some work outside of the classroom to support the ongoing physics projects and concepts we will be covering in class.  For full participation ability, students should have a functional laptop/tablet with wi-fi or better internet capability. 

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Instructed By reliable medications buy priligy usa

Molecular Gastronomy – for grades 6+

Molecular gastronomy is a subdiscipline of food science that seeks to investigate the physical and chemical transformations of ingredients that occur in cooking.  Come explore what happens to food, chemically and physically, as the human body interacts, changes and uses what we eat.  In addition to the science, laboratory experiments and concepts of molecular gastronomy, students will engage in a cooking demonstrations.


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Instructed By reliable medications buy priligy usa

The Amazing Human Body – for grades 2-5

This course is designed for young learners interested in learning about our amazing bodies.  Course content will focus on major systems and muscle groups.  Participants will explore the inner workings of the human body through games, activities and laboratory experimentation.  Some guided dissection will also be included where appropriate.

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Anatomy and Physiology with Dissection – for grades 6-8

This course is designed for older students who are looking for an advanced, fun learning environment in which to explore the human body. Each week we will focus on a system in the body and the class will include anatomical landmarks, physiological functioning, the interactivity of body systems and an experiment or dissection. Participants are encouraged to wear clothing that is appropriate for experimentation and/or dissection (think messy painting clothing and you’re good).

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Instructed By: buy generic priligy uk

GoPro Class for grades 6+

Come learn how to use that amazing GoPro camera and all its features ranging from time lapse photography to ultra-slow motion video. Expect to go on a field trip or two to work on our videos and or photos!  Students must have their own laptop (relatively new for editing purposes) and GoPro camera (preferably Hero 3+).  Course includes instruction in the GoPro camera itself, film editing and design.  This class offers something for everyone interested in improving GoPro skills:  novice to advanced users are welcome to enroll.

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